One Crown Productions


One Crown Productions offers:

Production (original composed music) Beats start : $150 +

High definition recording (protools HD)

Track Mixing/Mastering

Music Marketing


Various Location
Downtown Miami, FL
Doral, FL
Cutler Ridge, FL

Engineers on deck
- Choose from several engineers working on call 24 hr
- – H.Y.P.E (One Crown Productions)
- – Primo (LongNightBrightDays Media Group)
- – Drizzle (County Bound Records)
- – DJ Haze (County Bound Records)
- – Many More

All engineers are scheduled by hour blocks weeks in advance. Prices may vary per individual. Contact One Crown Productions for further details.

Featured artists by O.C.P – One Crown Productions is always seeking new talent to expand the world of music

1. TruArt
2. H.Y.P.E
3. Godboy
4. Illmat
5. Tre8
6. Apakalypse
7. Beleaf
8. Mayo
9. Mike D.
10. Tony Two